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Unit Rate Project



Total Pages: 32 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: N/A
File Size: 2 MB
File Type: PDF

Unit Rate Project

This Unit Rate Project is a METRIC unit rate final project. Students are given a real chocolate fudge recipe, prices from two different grocery stores, and asked to find the better buy for their employer, “Sweetness Bakery.” Measurements are in metric units.

Students will use their basic adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills, as well as decimals, rates, and unit rates, to solve all the math questions in this package.

  • The resource contains individual PDFs to assist with online learning, i.e. Google Classroom, a Google Form Self-Marking version, and Google Slides version.

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Unit Rate Project – Resource Includes:

  • Real Fudge Recipe
  • Unit Rate (Metric) Project Sheets (Modified, Regular and Enriched Versions)
  • Google Form Self-Marking Version
  • Google Slides Version
  • PDF Version
  • 4 Level Assessment Rubric
  • Answer Key

Unit Rate Project – Teacher Feedback:

  1. “My students couldn’t get over the fact that it was a real recipe! Thank you for using real-life examples.”
  2. “My students had a blast with this project. It lends itself well to collaborative groups and easy to understand.”
  3. “Loved this resource and my students loved the fudge that I made from the recipe that came with this activity! I like how it also includes conversion rates for some of the activities.”
  4. “I used this resource with my high ability students to extend their learning. It did exactly that!”

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