Student Book Talk Assignment


Book Talk Assignment: Get your students excited about reading by listening to their peers book recommendations. In this book talk assignment, students have the option of persuading their peers to read or not read a book. This assignment is not your traditional book talk as students must think of a creative way to present this to their classmates i.e. dressing up as a librarian or pretending to be a character from the novel. Resource contains individual PDFs for student pages for Google Classroom use and Google Slides graphic organizer for 1:1 schools.

This product requires no prep, just print it, photocopy and use it in your classroom.

This resource provides student choice on the book talk, and gives example ideas to help students get started on planning their assignment once they have finished their novel.

Resource Contains:

  • Detailed Teacher Instructions
  • Student Assignment
  • Marks for Oral Presentations/Speaking
  • Standards Based Rubric
  • Points Based Rubric
  • Individual PDFs for Google Drive
  • Google Slides Graphic Organizer for 1:1 Schools

************ Teacher Feedback ************

  1. “This is a great assignment.  My students loved it”
  2. “Very easy to use and engaging!”
  3. “Everything you need is here to get your students prepared!  Very easy to follow and perfect to get some assessment grades! Thank you!”