Reward Coupons, Reward Passes for Classroom Management


Classroom Management Reward Coupons: This resource is a set of 12 different reward coupons/reward passes that can be used in conjunction with your classroom management program to encourage and praise good behaviour, work completion, attention to task completion etc. Simply print the coupons, store in a clear plastic bag and hand out to students as needed. These rewards are free for the teacher to implement and maintain.

Keep students motivated by using these engaging classroom reward coupons. Great for all students to keep them motivated and engaged in their learning. 6 passes of each title per page to make printing easier.

Passes included:

-technology pass

-homework pass

-invite a friend to lunch pass

-comfy seat pass

-games pass

-free choice pass

-computer pass

-gum pass

-hat pass

-food pass

-project extension pass

-seat partner choice pass

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “Love these! I use a ticket system, and allow the students to pick a prize from my drawer if I draw their ticket on Fridays. I draw 3 tickets per class every Friday providing the class has earned so many points for appropriate behaviour as a whole. These coupons are a great addition to my prize collection because they don’t cost anything!! A win-win!! Thank you!!”

2. “These were very user-friendly. Great for any age.”

3. “My class loves these rewards and it is so easy for me 🙂 Thank you!”