Reading Strategies Graphic Organizers


Reading Strategies Graphic Organizers: A collection of 6 different graphic organizers to help students engage, connect and think critically about their reading.

Students can write directly on the graphic organizers or they can collect their thoughts on sticky notes and use the graphic organizers as a study tool.

Reading Strategies Included:

  • plot
  • characters
  • connections
  • questions
  • predictions
  • before, during, after reading organizer

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***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “These are attractive and I can use them again and again. Thanks!”

2. “Love this!! My spec. ed kids get overwhelmed w/the graphic organizers from the modules…this will be a great help! They can process this info much better (great connections box!).”

3. “My sophomore struggling readers respond to attractive and straightforward graphic organizers like this. I’m going to use this during my first week back from Christmas break. Thanks!”

4. “Thanks for sharing this. I am excited to use them. I think I may laminate (use dry erase markers) these so I can get many uses out of these placemats.”