Prime Ministers of Canada Monologue Assignment


Prime Ministers of Canada: Make teaching Canadian government and history come to life in your classroom with this engaging Canadian Prime Minister Monologue Assignment.

Students are asked to select a Prime Minister of their choice, research their Prime Minister and create a 1-2 minute oral monologue to present to the class. All Prime Ministers are included in the list up to Justin Trudeau. Resource contains individual PDFs to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom.

This assignment would be a great asset to your Ontario Grade 5 Government Unit.

Resource Includes:

-Assignment Sheet

-Monologue Writing Graphic Organizer

-Historical Content Rubric

-Oral Presentation Skills Rubric

-Dramatic Performance Rubric

*****Teacher Feedback*****

1. “This will be a great addition to my Grade 8 history program. Especially when used with your comprehensive Grade 8 history bundle!”

2. “Excellent resource! Thanks so much for putting this together.”

3. “Students really enjoyed doing these!”


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