Presidential Speech Assignment


Celebrate President’s Day by making your classroom come to life with an activity rich in American history. Students will research an American President and showcase their accomplishments in monologue format. Resource contains individual PDFs to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom.

In this Presidential Speech Assignment students are asked to:

1- Select a President of their choice (or teacher’s choice)

2- Research interesting facts about that President

3- Create a 1-2 minute oral presentation about the President to show the class

This assignment provides the teacher with three level based, success criteria rubrics for marking their students on:

-Historical Content

-Oral Presentation Skills

-Dramatic Performance

This is a great way to teach drama, start/end your American history classes or celebrate President’s Day. All presidents are included in the list up to Donald Trump.

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “Great way to examine our presidents. Thank you for sharing.”

2. “Fantastic resource! Thank you!”