Podcast Listening Comprehension Lesson - Pay What You Want Stores


Podcast Listening Comprehension Lesson – Pay-What-You-Want-Stores | PDF and Digital Editions: Teachers are provided with an engaging listening comprehension lesson based on a podcast segment about how pay-what-you-want stores work. Students will love that this lesson examines shopping at dollar stores. Podcasts are a great medium to share and use with students.

  • This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom™.
  • The unit also comes with Google Slides™ versions of the included lessons for 1:1 technology schools.

Resource Includes:

  1. Teacher Instructions
  2. Graphic Organizers
  3. Journal Entry
  4. Answer Key
  5. Individual PDFs for Google Drive
  6. Google Slides format

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