Podcast Creation Assignment | Distance Learning


Podcast Creation Assignment | PDF and Digital Formats: Use this assignment to help students learn about podcasts and then create their own. This resource contains 3 lessons to help students and teachers learn about this engaging media type. This assignment contains both PDF and Google Slides formats.


Resource Contains

  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • 3 Lessons – #1: Podcast Non-Fiction Article, #2: Podcast Comparison Analysis, #3: Podcast Creation Assignment
  • Individual PDFs for Google Classroom
  • Google Slides Format for 1:1 Classrooms


Lesson Overview

  • Lesson #1 Podcast Non-Fiction Article: This article contains a pre-reading K-W-L chart, regular and modified versions of the article, an audio file of each article, and 3 post-reading activities (comprehension questions, grammar questions and a long answer writing response).
  • Lesson #2 Podcast Comparison Analysis: Students will review fiction and non-fiction podcasts and discuss what elements each contains.
  • Lesson #3 Podcast Creation Assignment: Students will learn how to create their own podcast using this scaffolded method.



This resource contains elements from these resources. Do not purchase this resource if you own either of these resources.

  1. Podcast Non-Fiction Article
  2. Mars Patel Season 1 Unit Bundle


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