Persuasive Writing Assignment Michael vs LeBron



Total Pages: 17 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 2 days
File Size: 2 MB
File Type: Zip

Persuasive Writing Assignment – Michael vs LeBron | PDF and Digital Formats: In this engaging assignment, students practice gathering evidence from a podcast (oral text) and use that evidence to support their writing. After listening to the evidence presented by the podcast, students must decide who is the greatest of all-time (GOAT) basketball player LeBron James or Michael Jordan.

Language Warning: “Damn” is said twice, and “pissed off” is said once. One real swear word is said and properly bleeped out.

Assignment Includes:

  • Detailed teacher lesson plan
  • T-Chart graphic organizer
  • Persuasive writing assignment choice board (3 choices – essay, slideshow, podcast)
  • Answer key
  • Grading options: rubric or points-based

Teacher Feedback 

  1. “Excellent resource! Students loved it and it’s great to give them a few options of what they want to do with this assignment.”
  2. “This unit is clear, well organized, and easy to use.  It was engaging for my students to use and my students were engaged.  Thanks!”
  3. “This was a great lesson that I could leave for one day with a sub (the listening and T-chart part).  Students enjoyed it because it was sports-related”

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