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Oral Presentations Bundle



Total Pages: 46 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: N/A
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Oral Presentations and Public Speaking Bundle

Teaching students how to create an engaging oral presentation is an important life skill. Students will practice their oral presentation skills for these assignments: Current Events News Assignment, Hot Topics Debate Assignment, Book Talks, and a Rant Writing Unit.

  • These assignments are provided in both PDF and digital (Google Slides) format.
  • All of these assignments can be purchased as stand-alone assignments, but the best value is to buy them as a bundle.

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Oral Presentations and Public Speaking Bundle – Includes:

  1. Current Events News Assignment – In this activity, students examine online or print news sources to report on a current event for their class. This can be used with any non-fiction new article or text.
  2. Hot Topics Oral Presentation AssignmentThis assignment can be used with any type of non-fiction text, news broadcast, documentary, or video on any topic in the content areas of Science, Math, History, Geography, World News. A lesson plan is provided explaining how to use this strategy in guided practice – modelled, shared, and independent.
  3. Student Book Talk AssignmentIn this presentation assignment, students review their book for the class. Students are provided with several presentation ideas on how to creatively review their novel for the class. Book Talks encourage students to be accountable for their independent reading in an engaging manner.
  4. Rant Writing UnitStudents rant to each other daily, so why not channel that creative energy into some high-quality writing? Rants are an engaging way to get students to write and share their thoughts and opinions in the classroom.

Oral Presentations and Public Speaking Bundle – Teacher Feedback:

  1. “This is a great value! I always find it difficult to assess the oral language expectations from the curriculum but now that I have this bundle, I will have an assignment for each term that I can use to report on. I love the variety of presentations. Also, the inclusion of success criteria and graphic organizers for each assignment is awesome!”
  2. “I love all of your resources! I’m so excited about this one though because I find I struggle with finding meaningful oral communication projects. Often I just tell them to talk about something they like or their favourite movie etc.. so this is going to be an awesome addition to my resource bank!”
  3. “I love the ideas here! And, as usual, everything is beautifully presented and well laid out. Thank you!”
  4. “A valuable resource for any teacher starting out in teaching debating in a classroom environment. Thank you for your hard work, your resource is wonderful!”
  5. “The Oral Communication strand is always to most difficult for me. These are great new ideas presented in an organized manner that are exciting and engaging for students.”
  6. “This is a fantastic resource to help students develop their oral language skills. There is a lot of choice provided for students, and since they are able to choose topics that are meaningful to them this is an engaging resource.”

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