Ontario Report Card Comments Grade 7 and 8 Math


Ontario Report Card Comments for Grade 7 and 8 Math. Comments are sorted by Levels 1 – 4 for all 5 strands. Progress Report, Term 1 and 2, Next Steps comments are included. The comments are 100% editable and available as a Google Doc format.

Subject Comment Format: action verb, skill/learning acquired, student example

The format for these subject comments is in dot jot format: action verb, skill/learning acquired, student example. You will need to reword the comment as per the example below if you require the comments to be in prose format.

Math Sample Comment

  • demonstrates a partial understanding of the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions during daily work, tests and problem-solving activities
  • collects and organizes categorical, discrete, and continuous data and displays this data in frequency tables and circle graphs
  • explains the relationship between a census and a sample, trends and patterns on a graph, and concepts of central tendency accurately

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