Ontario Report Card Comments Grade 7 and 8 Language Arts


Ontario Report Card Comments for Grade 7 and 8 Language Arts (reading, writing, oral, media and next steps). Comments are sorted by Levels 1 – 4 and Strand. The variety of comments in this resource can be used for both Term 1 and 2. The comments are 100% editable and available as a Google Doc format.

Subject Comment Format: action verb, skill/learning acquired, student example

The format for these subject comments is in dot jot format: action verb, skill/learning acquired, student example. You will need to reword the comment as per the example below if you require the comments to be in prose format.

Oral Language Sample Comment

  • -speaks with expression and enthusiasm during various English presentations such as Rants, Current Events, Hot Topics and daily class discussions
  • -demonstrates listening behaviours such as voice level and taking turns during a variety of small group and whole class situations
  • -analyzes oral texts to evaluate the effectiveness of the speaker’s ideas through his/her Ted Talk graphic organizers

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