Novel Study Activities For Any Novel


Novel Study Activities For Any Novel: This resource can be used to teach ANY novel for whole-class novel studies, book clubs, literature circles or independent reading.

Students will enjoy this differentiated and engaging unit. This unit focuses on the literary elements of plot, character, setting, theme, and conflict as well as these literary devices: similes, metaphors, symbols and foreshadowing.

Use this unit to introduce or review literary elements and literary devices with your students. This unit is Google Classroom™️ compatible with individual PDFs and Google Slides™️ graphic organizers included.

Resource Includes

  • Unit Plan (Novel Introduction Activities, Modelled Lessons)
  • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Literary Elements Graphic Organizers
  • Reading Strategies Graphic Organizers
  • Answer Keys for Modelled Lessons
  • Classroom Posters/Classroom Anchor Charts
  • Literary Elements Quiz
  • Final Task Novel Activities Choice Board (this resource is also sold separately)
  • Individual PDFs of student pages for uploading to Google Classroom or other online learning portals
  • Google Slides graphic organizers for 1:1 schools
  • Student choice
  • Scaffolded and regular graphic organizers options
  • Lessons divided up with title pages for easy access
  • Standards-based assessment options
  • Points-based assessment options

Unit Overview

  1. Activating Prior Novel Knowledge QR Code Activity
  2. Elements of a Novel Lesson (Slideshow and Graphic Organizer)
  3. Whole-Class Short Story Analysis Modelling & Practice using The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch (book not included)
  4. Independent Practice Graphic Organizers
  5. Novel Elements Vocabulary Quiz
  6. Final Task: Short Story Choice Board

*************************** Teacher Feedback ***************************

1. Great resource to pair with any novel study. Very versatile and comprehensive… like all of your other products! Thank you!

2. Love your Literacy resources! Thank you. So easy to teach and use in the classroom.

3. Thank you for the helpful resources.

4. The best thing ever!!!