Non-Fiction Book Report: Getting students to read non-fiction is a huge push in current educational philosophy and policy. In this non-fiction book report, students select a topic of interest, read the book and then create an informative lesson based on information learned in their readings to share with the class.

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12 Different Genre Book Reports

Resource Includes:

  • Lesson Planning Graphic Organizers (for a student-created lesson)
  • Genre-Based Assignment Sheet
  • Standards-based four-level rubric
  • Oral presentation success criteria

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “This is an area in language arts that needs a lot of support from teachers. Thank you for creating a resource that assists both teachers and students with this topic. Excellent product!”

2. “Thank you! I have been looking for a way to do non-fiction book reports that aren’t boring!”

3. “Cannot wait to use this package for our up and coming book reports! Looks really organized and thorough! Thank you! :)”

4. “I love all of your resources! Thank you!”


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