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Middle School Speech Writing Unit – Public Speaking Lessons



Total Pages: 70 pages
Answer Key: Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration: 2 Weeks
File Type: Zip

Middle School Speech Writing Unit – Public Speaking Lessons

Use this Middle School Speech Writing Unit to help your students write an engaging and informative speech with this step-by-step scaffolded speech writing unit. This six-lesson unit is structured to guide your students through each step of crafting an informative speech, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes in length and work on their public speaking skills.

This unit is also included in the Full Year Middle School English Language Arts Lesson Bundle 1

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Lesson Outline:

  1. What Is A Speech?
  2. What Is An Effective Speech?
  3. Speech Brainstorming
  4. Speech Writing
  5. Speech Revising and Practicing
  6. Speech Presentations
  • What Is A Speech? introduces students to the fundamental concept of a speech, outlining its purpose, structure, and significance in effective communication.
  • What Is An Effective Speech? delves into the key components and characteristics of an impactful speech, guiding students to understand how to engage and persuade an audience effectively.
  • Speech Brainstorming provides structured exercises and strategies to help students generate ideas, themes, and content for their speeches, fostering creativity and critical thinking.
  • Speech Writing offers step-by-step guidance on crafting a well-organized and coherent speech, emphasizing the importance of clarity, coherence, and persuasive language.
  • Speech Revising and Practicing focuses on refining and enhancing the quality of students’ speeches through revision, peer feedback, and rehearsal techniques, ensuring they feel confident and prepared for their class presentation.
  • Speech Presentations culminate the unit with opportunities for students to deliver their speeches to their peers, applying their newfound skills in public speaking and receiving constructive feedback.

What’s Includes:

  1. Scaffolded Lessons
  2. Speech Planning Booklet
  3. Detailed Teacher Instructions
  4. Unit Plan
  5. Graphic Organizers
  6. Example Speeches
  7. Answer Keys
  8. Assessment Rubrics (Levels or Points)
  9. Teacher Slideshow
  10. Print & Digital Formats
  • 6 Scaffolded Lessons: A structured series of lessons designed to progressively build students’ skills and confidence in speech writing and delivery.
  • Speech Planning Booklet: A resourceful guide that supports students in organizing their thoughts, ideas, and outlines for their speeches.
  • Detailed Teacher Instructions: Comprehensive guidance for educators, offering insights on implementing each lesson effectively and maximizing student engagement.
  • Unit Plan: An overview of the entire speech writing unit, outlining objectives and timelines.
  • Graphic Organizers: These templates help students brainstorm, outline, and organize their speech content effectively.
  • Example Speeches: Model speeches to inspire and guide students in understanding various speech styles, structures, and techniques.
  • Answer Keys: These model answers and exemplars assist educators in assessing student work and providing feedback.
  • Assessment Rubrics (Levels or Points): Rubrics for assessing student speeches, in either levels or points formats.
  • Teacher Slideshow: Guide students through the key lesson.
  • Print & Digital Formats: This resource is available in both print and digital formats, ensuring accessibility and flexibility in instructional delivery.

Teacher Feedback

  1. “This resource was a great way to have students engage in oral communication, research a topic and create an oral presentation. So many of my students struggle with class presentations and this challenged them to write about a topic, and confidently present to peers.”
  2. “Public speaking is so hard for my students. This product is a great introduction to public speaking and walks the students through what to do. Super helpful!”
  3. “Great simple unit to use for speeches. Very straight-forward and students were engaged the whole time. Highly recommended.”

Additional Resources:

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