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Middle School ELA Sub Plans Bundle



Total Pages: 294 pages
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 1 Year
File Type: Zip

Middle School ELA Sub Plans Bundle

This Middle School ELA Sub Plans Bundle contains ready-to-go, no-prep sub plans that are perfect for middle school ELA classes. All the teacher needs to do is upload the sub plans to a secure online location, and then students can complete the engaging before, during, and after reading/viewing activities.

  • These sub-plans can also be used as asynchronous work, independent classwork, homework, or fast-finisher activities.
  • Curriculum Connections: These middle school ELA sub plans can be used in the ELA, Geography, or other subject area classrooms. 

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Middle School ELA Sub Plans Bundle – Resource Overview:
  • 15 Different Sub Plans
  • Student Assignment Sheet (Before, During, and After Reading Activities)
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Journal Prompts
  • Printable & Digital Formats
  • These lessons can be completed using paper or the provided Google Slides.

Students will learn about a variety of high-interest topics, such as:

  1. One Child Policy
  2. 4-Day Workweek
  3. Canoeing
  4. Charitable Athletes
  5. Climate Change
  6. Effects of Sugar
  7. E-Waste
  8. Fast Fashion
  9. Fax Machines
  10. Green Buildings and Spaces
  11. Party Planning
  12. Repurposing
  13. Sustainable Fashion Trends
  14. Reusable Take Out Containers
In Each Lesson, Students Will:
  1. View a related video.
  2. Read an article.
  3. Answer comprehension questions.
  4. Complete a journal response.
Middle School ELA Sub Plans Bundle – Materials Required:
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Provided assignment sheets 
  • Pen/Paper or digital writing tool (Google Docs/Slides)

Middle School ELA Sub Plans Bundle – Teacher Feedback: 

  1. “I used these lessons as substitute lessons and students were able to complete all work independently. they were engaged and were able to related to our unit. It was great!”
  2. “These plans have been a lifesaver on days that I am out, all I do is link to google classroom and students now know what to do automatically, I hardly leave sub plans anymore.”
  3. “Emergency plans done! Loved the variety which made it more interesting for my students and a nice change on days I was absent.”
  4. “I’m so thrilled with this resource. It allows me to have all of my sub plans in one place and easy to access when I need to be away last minute. Thank you”
  5. “This resource helped when I needed plans to fill some of the time in my schedule when I could not be in the classroom with my students. The plans were easy to follow and the topics were clear and engaging for the students. Thank you for this great tool!”
  6. “This was a lifesaver when I was unexpectedly out for three days and couldn’t be on my computer to plan. It was done for me. I just had to check that the links were accessible for my students to use.”

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