Media Literacy Unit - Analyzing Public Service Announcements and Commercials


Media Literacy – Help your students develop a deeper understanding of media literacy with this engaging 10 lesson unit. Students will learn about the various techniques advertisers use to make commercials and public service announcements effective. Lessons include target audience, commercial techniques, PSA techniques, and effective camera angles and shots. This unit culminates with a student-created PSA project. This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom.

Unit Outline:

1. Introduction to Media, Media Literacy, and Critical Thinking

2. Commercials vs. PSAs

3. Commercial and PSA Techniques

4. Modeled Commercial and PSA Analysis

5. PSA Analysis Group Practice

6. PSA Assessment

7. Commercial Analysis Group Practice

8. Commercial Assessment

9. Creating Effective Videos

10. Student Directed PSA Creation

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Resource Notes:

*Regular reliable internet access is required for this unit

*Internet must be able to access online video sources

*This resource is a non-editable PDF, with Google Classroom compatible PDFs included

Unit Includes:

-10 differentiated lessons

-regular and modified graphic organizers

-individual PDFs of student pages for uploading to Google Classroom or other online learning portals

-Google Slides graphic organizers for 1 to 1 technology classrooms

-detailed unit plan

-lessons divided up with title pages for easy access

-detailed teacher directions

-assessment rubrics (levels or points)