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Mars Patel Podcast Unit Season 1



Total Pages: 214 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 3 Weeks
File Size: 28 MB
File Type: Zip (PDF)

Mars Patel Podcast Unit Season 1

With this Mars Patel Podcast Unit – Season 1, you can immerse your students in the captivating world of the Mars Patel podcast, an enthralling fictional audio series that follows a group of young friends as they embark on a thrilling adventure, blending mystery, science fiction, and the timeless essence of youthful curiosity. Using the podcast, this resource is a dynamic tool for teaching literary elements and enhancing listening comprehension.

This exciting unit is the ultimate companion for educators aiming to foster an engaging learning environment. With over 200 pages of materials and digital formats using Google Slides and Forms, the Mars Patel Podcast Unit for Season 1 is a must-have for any classroom.

This unit is also part of the Mars Patel Mega Bundle Seasons 1-3 bundle

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Included in This Resource:

  • 200+ pages of resources
  • Detailed and easy-to-follow lesson plans
  • Graphic organizers
  • Anchor charts
  • Listening comprehension questions for in-depth understanding
  • Self-marking Google Forms quizzes for assessment
  • A comprehensive teacher guide to facilitate smooth implementation
  • Printable PDF or Google Slides format

Why Choose the Mars Patel Podcast Listening Comprehension Unit?

✅ Engaging Podcast: Say goodbye to boredom! The gripping Mars Patel podcast keeps students hooked while seamlessly introducing literary elements and devices.
✅ Abundant Resources: With over 200 pages of resources at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need for an enriching literacy unit.
✅ Comprehensive Support: Detailed lesson plans, a teacher guide, graphic organizers, and informative anchor charts.
✅ Listening Comprehension: Elevate your students’ listening comprehension skills with episode questions.
✅ Create Your Own Podcast Project: This assignment empowers students to express their creativity and enhance their understanding of podcasting.
✅ Effortless Assessment: Enjoy the convenience of self-marking Google Forms quizzes, saving you valuable time.

What Teachers Have Said About This Resource:

  1. “This was a great resource to work on listening and speaking unit. Students came in daily and began working on this unit, no hesitation.”
  2. “This is a fantastic resource, with so many options for activities. My students have enjoyed the ease of the multiple choice comprehension questions and enjoyed moving from appreciating this podcast, to creating their own. Highly recommend!”
  3. “My students loved listening to the Mars Patel podcast! I was able to use the quizzes and other information about podcasts to teach the concept. We will be making our own podcasts next since they enjoyed learning about podcasts so much!”

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This Mars Patel Mega Bundle has everything you need to teach all three seasons of the Mars Patel Podcast! If your students love mystery, podcasts, and exciting adventures, they will love this podcast!

Experience the thrill of teaching with the Mars Patel Podcast Unit for Season 1, an all-encompassing resource that sparks excitement and enhances the learning experience for teachers and students alike.

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