Independent Reading: 15 Book Report Project Bundle


15 Book Report Project Bundle

This bundle contains 15 of our most popular book report projects to save you time and money. Students will enjoy the variety of their independent reading assignments as each of these book report projects provides lots of student choice.

The following 4 book report projects are included:

-Book Vs. Movie Comparison Assignment

-12 Genre Book Reports

-Shoe Box Book Report

-Novel Study Choice Board

All of the products in this bundle are available to be purchased individually.

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “This is a GREAT bundle with lots of activities that have flexible options. Thanks SO much for sharing!”

2. “Great resource! Works for all levels of learning. Very adaptable!”

3. “What a great resource! I love that this bundle provides so much opportunity for student choice, public speaking, and differentiation. Each activity is chunked for students, meaning that I can extend an assignment over several class periods if I want. I also adore the Book Talk Bookmarks. Such a great idea! Thanks!”

4. “What an extensive collection of project ideas! I love that these get away from the traditional paper book report and give the kids creative options while still targeting the Curriculum Frameworks!”


Book Versus Movie

Students will select a book to read that has been made into a movie. They will have a series of assignments to complete that demonstrate their understanding of both the book and the movie. Student will compare and contrast the novel and movie’s plot, characters, setting, and theme. Each section of the assignment includes a due date option to ensure that the assignment is presented in “sections” to students and to space out your marking load.

Assignment Includes:

-Reading Assignment

-Writing Assignment

-Oral Assignment

-Media Assignment

-Book vs. Movie Suggestion List

-4 different assessment rubrics in a 4 level success criteria format

-6 different graphic organizers to help with comprehension during reading of the novel (Questioning, Making Connections, Plot, Characters)

-1 graphic organizer to help with comparing the book to the movie (Compare and Contrast)

12 Genre Book Reports

12 different engaging reading assignments are included in this book report bundle that covers both Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres. Assignment types rotate every three months helping students achieve mastery.

Assignment Types:

4 R’s (Retell, Relate, Reflect, Review) -reflection writing assignment

Book Report Choice Board -creative assignment

Sell This Book -book talk

Other Included Assignments:

Student Created Lesson based on Non-Fiction Reading

Traditional Literature vs. Fractured Fairy Tales

Shoe Box Book Report

Engage your students in their independent reading by having them create a Shoe Box Book Report and swap with a classmate. This product comes with two format options: task cards and an assignment sheet. Students produce a shoe box covered in art, words and paragraphs all relating to the novel of their choice.

This product contains:

-9 Book Report Task Cards

-1 Shoe Box Book Report Assignment

-1 Assessment Rubric

-Set of 3 Student Book Choice Cards

-Teacher Instructions

Novel Study Choice Board

This is a NO PREP just photocopy and go – reading activity for ANY fiction novel. Students are given a choice of 11 different activities to demonstrate their understanding of their novel of choice.


Book Report Choice Board Assignment with 11 Options

4 Level Assessment Rubric

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