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Hanukkah Non-Fiction Article



Total Pages: 28 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 90 minutes
File Size: 2 MB
File Type: PDF

Hanukkah Non-Fiction Article

Explore the rich history of Hanukkah with this engaging non-fiction article for middle school students. This Hanukkah Non-Fiction Article will help students delve into the history of Hanukkah and its traditions. The resource contains 3 post-reading activities for students to practice their reading comprehension skills and encourage cross-curricular learning.

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Resource Includes:

  • Engaging Non-Fiction Article: This article will help students learn about Hanukkah’s origins.
  • Modified and Regular Versions: Every student is unique; therefore, both the modified and regular versions of the non-fiction article are provided, ensuring that all learners can access and enjoy the material.
  • MP3 Audio Files: MP3 files for each article are provided to help with a variety of learning styles and needs.
  • 3 Post-Reading Activities: Assess your students’ comprehension with thought-provoking comprehension questions. Enhance their grammar skills with two options: paper-based activities and self-grading Google Forms. And watch their writing skills flourish with a long-answer writing response.
  • Answer Keys: Help assess student learning using the provided answers.
  • Seamless Online Learning: Both print and digital options are provided.

Why Choose This Hanukkah Non-Fiction Article?

✅ Versatile Usage: Perfect for Hanukkah or any time you want to explore intriguing non-fiction material with your students.
✅ Comprehensive Learning: Promote reading skills, historical knowledge, and critical thinking with a single resource.
✅ Comprehensive Support: Benefit from a teacher lesson plan and a pre-reading K-W-L chart to guide your teaching journey.
✅ Cross-Curricular Connections: Help your students make connections with other subjects as they explore the cultural, historical, and social aspects of Hanukkah.

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Hanukkah Non-Fiction Article – Teacher Feedback: 

  1. “Great reading activity to celebrate the diversity of holiday traditions.”
  2. “A great way to learn about Hanukkah. My school does not have a very diverse demographic so I love resources that allow my students to learn about other religions and cultures.”
  3. “This was a very informative resource for my students to learn about different celebrations in different religions and cultures. I really like how there was a modified version and a regular version as this really helped my MLL (ESL) student.”

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