Grade 8 History Strand B Digital Expansion Pack


Grade 8 History: For teachers who already own the full unit Grade 8 History Canada A Changing Society 1890-1914 Strand B – this will allow for paperless classrooms.

This resource is a collection of premade Google Slides lessons that allow students with technology to type directly on the slide. No additional Extensions or Add-Ons are needed students will just use Google Slides. Each lesson from the full unit has been made into a digital lesson for any pages requiring student output.

Note: This is NOT a complete unit – this is an expansion pack for the complete unit located here.

This expansion pack is aligned with the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018 Grade 8 Strand A.

Do you need? Grade 8 Strand A Digital Expansion Pack

Included Lessons:

#1 (Class Discussion) Why Do We Study History?

#2 (Interactive Activity) How Did We Get Here?

#3 (Class Discussion + Historical Map Assignment) How Has The Map of Canada Changed?

#4 (Small Group Inquiry Assignment) Life in British North America Prior to 1867: A Geographical and Cultural Examination

#5 (Individual Assignment) Fathers of Confederation Monologues

#6 (Whole Class Lesson) Politics in the Province of Canada

#7 (Movie) John A. Macdonald Personal and Professional Life

#8 (Individual Assignment) Confederation Advertisement Assignment

#9 (Class Discussion + Graphic Organizer) The Pros and Cons of Confederation

#10 (Whole Class Lesson or Partner Work) The Charlottetown, Quebec and London Conferences

#11 (Whole Class) Video Review

#12 (Whole Class) Confederation Unit Test

#13 (Small Group) Primary Source Analysis Videos

#14 (Small Group) Primary Source Analysis Photos

#15 (Small Group Inquiry) Settlement of Western Canada Inquiry Stations

#16 (Individual Assignment) Louis Riel Obituary Assignment

#17 (Class Discussion) Canadian Pacific Railroad Lyric Analysis

#18 (Small Groups) Canadian Pacific Railroad Assignment

#19 (Whole Class) Primary Source Analysis, Video, and Creative Writing – The Gold Rush

#20 (Whole Class) Video Review

#21 (Whole Class) Western Canada Unit Test