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Grade 8 History Strand A Modified Ontario Curriculum



Total Pages:   158 pages
Answer Key:  Included with rubric
Teaching Duration:  N/A
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Grade 8 History Strand A Modified

This Grade 8 History Strand A modified unit is for classroom teachers who are required to teach the Grade 8 History Ontario Curriculum but have students working significantly below grade level in reading, writing, and comprehension.

Each of the 24 lessons aligns with a critical concept in the Ontario Grade 8 History Curriculum but has significantly reduced reading and writing expectations within the lesson. An MP3 audio file of each student reading has been provided. This resource was designed to meet the needs of ELL students and/or students on a modified IEP.

Click Here To View The Preview. Watch the overview video for this resource here.

  • This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning, i.e. Google Classroom™.
  • The unit also has Google Slides™ versions of the included lessons for 1:1 technology schools.
  • Curriculum Alignment: Grade 8 History Strand A Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2023

This Grade 8 History Strand A Modified Resource Includes:

  1. 24 Modified Grade 8 History Strand A Lessons
  2. MP3 Audio Files of Student Readings
  3. Self-Marking Google Forms Quizzes
  4. Detailed Teacher Instructions
  5. Google Slides version
  6. Individual PDFs

Grade 8 History Strand A Modified: Lesson Overview & Modifications

Confederation Lessons:

  1. Why Study History? (Cut & Match)
  2. Important Events Sorting Activity (Cut & Match)
  3. The Changing Map of Canada (Analysis)
  4. Expansion of the Dominion (Cut & Match)
  5. Historical Figures Assignment (Poster Creation)
  6. Politics in the Province of Canada (Interactive Notes)
  7. Advantages and Disadvantages of Confederation (Cut & Match)
  8. Advertising Confederation Assignment (Slideshow Creation)
  9. Confederation (Fill in the Blanks)
  10. Primary Source – Image Analysis
  11. The British North America Act of 1867 (Cut & Match)
  12. Unit Quiz

Western Canada Lessons:

  1. Historica Minutes (Videos)
  2. Primary Source – Image Analysis
  3. Legal Documents (Interactive Notes)
  4. The Settlement of Western Canada: Soddie (Note-Taking)
  5. The Manitoba Act of 1870 (Fill in the Blanks)
  6. The Indian Act of 1876 (Interactive Notes)
  7. Song Lyric Analysis (Primary Source Analysis)
  8. Building The CPR (Newspaper Assignment)
  9. The Chinese Immigration Act of 1885 (True/False)
  10. Arctic Interests and Indigenous Case Law (Cut & Match)
  11. Numbered Treaties (Interactive Notes)
  12. Residential Schools (Graphic Organizer)

Grade 8 History Strand A Modified – Teacher Feedback:

  1. “Teaching a split class with a high population of MLLs in the classroom, this resource has been extremely helpful in teaching curriculum content to my students.”
  2. “This resource really helped my struggling students follow along better with class activities. I like how it is aligned to the other Grade 8 history package.”
  3. “An easy to understand resource for my students with IEPs to use.”

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