Grade 8 History Digital Expansion Pack Bundle


Grade 8 History: For teachers who already own the full unit bundle for Grade 8 History Strand A and B – this will allow for paperless classrooms and distance learning.

This resource is a collection of premade Google Slides lessons that allow students with technology to type directly on the slide. No additional Extensions or Add-Ons are needed students will just use Google Slides. Each lesson from the full unit has been made into a digital lesson for any pages requiring student output.

Watch this video to see a digital expansion pack in action.

Note: This is NOT a complete unit – this is an expansion pack for the complete unit located here.

This expansion pack is aligned with the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018 Grade 8 Strand A & B.

Teacher Feedback

  1. “Perfect add-on to your original bundle. Outstanding value for both the original bundle and the digital add-on pack. You have saved me HUNDREDS of hours of prep work for my Intermediate 7 & 8 Geography, History and Literacy classes over the past several years. Thank you so much!”
  2. “Great time saver and relevant to the curriculum! Thank you!”
  3. “The digital expansion pack is perfect in our current teaching environment. If you do not purchase you will be spending hours digitizing the files yourself.”
  4. “This resource was a lifesaver during school closures and distance learning. I’ve been using the main units without the digital expansion for a couple of years now, but I realize now I should have bought the digital expansion a long time ago. Saves so much time and paper. The digital expansion has also made teaching the history unit possible with distance learning.”

Strand A Lessons

1. Why Do We Study History?

2. How Did We Get Here?

3. How Has The Map of Canada Changed?

4. Life in British North America Prior to 1867

5. Fathers of Confederation Monologues

6. Politics in the Province of Canada

7. John A. Macdonald Personal and Professional Life

8. Confederation Advertisement Assignment

9. The Pros and Cons of Confederation

10. The Charlottetown, Quebec and London Conferences

10B. Missing Voices at the Confederation Conferences

10C. British North America Act

11. Confederation Unit Test

12. Primary Source Analysis Videos and Photos

13. Legal Documents

14. Settlement of Western Canada Inquiry Stations

15. Manitoba Act 1870

16. The Indian Act 1876

17. Louis Riel Obituary Assignment

18. Canadian Pacific Railroad Lyric Analysis

19. Canadian Pacific Railroad Assignment

20. Primary Source Analysis, Video, and Creative Writing – The Gold Rush

21. The Chinese Immigration Act 1885

22. The Arctic and Indigenous Case Law

23. Numbered Treaties

24. Residential Schools

25. Video Review

26. Western Canada Unit Test

Strand B Lessons

  1.  Settling Canada Top 10 Events
  2.  Primary Source Analysis
  3.  Historica Minute Videos
  4.  Canada A People’s History Video
  5.  Interactive Timeline
  6.  Changing Map of Canada
  7.  Important Canadians QR Codes
  8.  Important Canadians Readings
  9.  Changing Society Inquiry Stations
  10.  Primary Source Analysis Assessment
  11.  Legal Issues and Changes
  12.  Class Newspaper
  13.  Unit Review
  14.  Changing Society Unit Test