Grade 7 Science Bundle | Distance Learning


Grade 7 Science Bundle | PDF and Digital Formats: This 4-unit bundle will help you teach Grade 7 Science without a textbook. Students will love these engaging and differentiated units that cover Interactions in the Environment, Heat in the Environment, Pure Substance and Mixtures as well as Understanding Structures and Mechanisms.


  • This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom™. The unit also comes with Google Slides™ versions of the included lessons for 1:1 technology schools.


  • Curriculum Alignment: Ontario Science Curriculum 2007


Lesson Overview:


Interactions in the Environment (Ecosystems)

  • Unit Vocabulary QR Code Matching Activity
  • Elements of Ecosystems
  • Ecosystems – Examples and Interactions
  • Energy Transfer and Food Chains
  • Biotic Elements Quiz
  • Matter Cycling
  • Ecological Succession
  • Ecosystem Limits
  • Species At Risk & Invasive Species Assignment
  • Human Interactions in the Environment
  • Indigenous Perspectives
  • Environmental Investigation Case Study: Electric Cars
  • Environmental Protection Stations
  • Ecosystem Summative Lab (3 options)
  • Ecosystems Unit Test
  • Bonus: Sub Plans


Heat in the Environment

  • Safety Lesson
  • Unit Vocabulary QR Code Scavenger Hunt
  • Introduction To Heat
  • Heat Production
  • Heat and Temperature
  • The Particle Theory
  • Heat and Volume
  • Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
  • Bill Nye Video: Heat
  • Teacher Demonstration: Boiling Water in a Paper Cup
  • Student Lab: Melting Ice Cubes
  • Heating and Cooling of the Earth
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Investigation: Benefits of Technology With Heat
  • Stations & Project-Based Learning: Energy Types & Solar Panels Investigation
  • Unit Test


Pure Substances and Mixtures

  • Safety Rules & Unit Vocabulary
  • The Particle Theory
  • Pure Substances and Mixtures
  • Pure Substances and Mixtures Activity
  • Solutions and Mechanical Mixtures
  • Solutions
  • Solution Examples Activity
  • Concentration of Solutions
  • Saturated Solutions
  • Saturation Lab
  • Separating Mixtures
  • Separating Mixtures Lab
  • Positive and Negative Impacts on the Environment
  • Tar Sands Investigation
  • Unit Test
  • Sub Plans: Bill Nye Video & CSI Article


Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

  • Safety Lesson, Unit Vocabulary, Unit Introduction
  • Classifying Structures
  • Bill Nye Video
  • Centre of Gravity & Stability
  • Force
  • Show and Tell Assignment
  • Classifying Structures Quiz
  • Internal and External Forces
  • Card Pyramid Activity
  • Symmetry in Structures
  • Structure Failure
  • Manufacturing Factors
  • Loads
  • Structural Safety
  • Design Factors
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Take-Out Container Lab
  • Egg House Lab
  • Unit Review
  • Unit Test


Resource Includes:

  1. Detailed lesson plans
  2. Differentiated lessons and assignments (readings, videos, graphic organizers, interactive notebook activities, group work, projects, labs)
  3. Detailed unit plans, answer keys, and assessment rubrics
  4. Lessons are divided up with title pages for easy access
  5. Student assignment choice and variety
  6. Quizzes (PDF and Self-Marking Google Forms)
  7. Unit Test (PDF and Self-Marking Google Forms)
  8. Science Labs
  9. Sub Plans
  10. PDF format
  11. Google Slides format