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Grade 7 History Strand A Modified Ontario Curriculum



Total Pages: 196 Pages
Answer Key: Included with Rubric
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Grade 7 History Strand A Modified

This Grade 7 History Strand A modified unit is for classroom teachers who are required to teach the Grade 7 History Ontario Curriculum but have students working significantly below grade level in reading, writing, and comprehension. Each of the 21 lessons aligns with a critical concept in the Ontario Grade 7 History Curriculum but has significantly reduced reading and writing expectations within the lesson. An MP3 audio file of each student’s reading has been provided. This resource was designed to meet the needs of ELL students and/or students on a modified IEP.

  • This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning, i.e. Google Classroom™.
  • The unit also has Google Slides™ versions of the included lessons for 1:1 technology schools.
  • Curriculum Alignment: Grade 7 History Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018


  • The internet is required to access videos in this unit.

Click Here To View The Preview. Watch the overview video for this resource here

Grade 7 History Strand A Modified: Lesson Overview & Modifications

Intro – Why Study History? (Reading, Cut & Match)

  1. Important Events Sorting Activity (Reading, Cut & Match)
  2. Historica Minutes (Video, Fill in the Blanks)
  3. Canadian Settlement Objects Activity (Matching)
    3B. Haudenosaunee, Inuit and Métis (Reading, True/False)
  4. The Map of New France 1700 (Compare and Contrast)
  5. The Creation of New France (Reading, Fill in the Blanks)
    5B. Medical Care in the 1700s (Reading, Cut & Match)
  6. New France Vocabulary (QR Code Scavenger Hunt)
  7. Historical Figures Assignment (Poster or Slideshow Creation)
  8. Fur Trade Inquiry Assignment (Multimedia, True/False)
  9. Mid-Unit Quiz (Multiple Choice, Short Answer)
  10. The Treaty of Utrecht 1713 (Fill in the Blanks)
    10B. The Treaties (Reading, Cut and Paste)
  11. Image Analysis & The Acadians (True/False)
  12. Seven Years War (Readings, Newspaper Article)
  13. The Establishment of British Rule (Reading, Folding Notes)
  14. The American Revolution (Videos, Cut and Paste)
  15. Black Loyalists Inquiry (Videos, Cut and Paste)
  16. The Impact of the Loyalists Migration on the Mississaugas of the Credit Nation (Reading, Note-Taking Graphic Organizer)
  17. The Constitution Act of 1791 (Reading, Cut and Match)

Grade 7 History Strand A Modified – Resource Includes:

  1. 21 Modified Grade 7 History Strand A Lessons
  2. MP3 Audio Files of Student Readings
  3. Detailed Teacher Instructions
  4. Google Slides version
  5. Individual PDFs

Grade 7 History Strand A Modified – Teacher Feedback:

  1. “Thank you for helping me make a subject I am not familiar with teaching easy and accessible to my students who have a wide range of abilities and needs.  I’m looking forward to when the grade 8 history resource is published!”
  2. “This is a great unit. It’s well planned and well organized.“
  3. “Helps teach complicated concepts at a level my students can access.”

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