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Grade 7 Geography Bundle Ontario Curriculum



Total Pages: 540 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: Other
File Size: 17 MB
File Type: Zip (PDFs)

Grade 7 Geography Bundle Ontario Curriculum

This Grade 7 Geography Bundle is your ultimate resource for teaching Ontario Curriculum! Teachers are provided with 37 in-depth lessons to help their students explore and understand Physical Patterns In A Changing World as well as Natural Resources Around The World.

Topics for physical patterns include landforms, water systems, vegetation regions, climate regions, and the challenges posed by the physical environment. Students will learn the following about natural resources: types, issues, extraction methods, perspectives on use, the impact of use, environmental concerns, and energy types.

Empower your students to excel in geography with this lesson bundle. With this Grade 7 Geography Bundle, you can inspire your students to become global citizens with a deep understanding of the changing world and the critical importance of the sustainable use of natural resources.

Curriculum Alignment: Aligned with the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2023 Grade 7 Geography Strand A and B.

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What’s Included in this Comprehensive Unit?

  • Engaging Lessons: 37 thoughtfully crafted lessons that captivate and inspire your students.
  • Audio MP3 Files: Accessible student readings in audio format for enhanced learning experiences.
  • Google Slides of Student Pages: Easily share and interact with student content using Google Slides.
  • Daily Lesson Plans: Efficiently plan your lessons with detailed daily outlines.
  • Student Choice: Empower your students by offering choice-based learning opportunities.
  • Differentiated Tasks: Address diverse learning needs with customized tasks.
  • Inquiry Learning: Encourage curiosity and critical thinking through inquiry-based activities.
  • Graphic Organizers: Visual aids to facilitate comprehension and knowledge retention.
  • Case Study Learning: Explore Canadian Diamonds vs. Conflict Diamonds in a real-world context.
  • Summative Assessments: Assess your students’ understanding at key milestones.
  • Assessment Rubrics: Transparent and fair evaluation with assessment rubrics.
  • Unit Tests: Comprehensive tests to gauge overall comprehension.
  • Answer Keys: Quick reference to streamline grading and feedback.
  • Assessment Format Variety: Mix and match inquiry, assignments, quizzes, and tests for varied assessment approaches.
  • Individual PDFs for Google Classroom™: Seamless integration into your digital learning platform.

Strand A Lessons

  1. Why Study Geography? (As/For Learning)
  2. Mapping Skills Review (For Learning)
  3. Map of Canada Assignment (Of Learning)
  4. What is Geography? (For/As Learning)
  5. World Map Assignment (Of Learning)
  6. Physical Characteristics of Landforms (As Learning)
  7. Changes to Landforms (As Learning)
  8. Landforms Quiz (Of Learning)
  9. Land Reclamation Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  10. Physical Characteristics of Water Systems (As Learning)
  11. Changes to Water Systems (As Learning)
  12. Characteristics of Climate Regions (As Learning)
  13. Changes to Climate Regions (As Learning)
  14. Climate Graph Creation Assignment (Of Learning)
  15. Natural Vegetation Regions (As Learning)
  16. Changes to Natural Vegetation Regions (As Learning)
  17. Invasive Species Assignment (Of Learning)
  18. Challenges and Opportunities Presented by Physical Environments (As Learning)
  19. Group Scenario Learning (As Learning)
  20. Natural Events Inquiry Stations (As/Of Learning)
  21. Unit Test (Of Learning)

Strand B Lessons

  1. Introduction – Canada: A Land of Natural Resources (As/Of Learning)
  2. What is a Natural Resource? (As/For Learning)
  3. Where are Natural Resources Located in Canada? (For/As Learning)
  4. Where are Natural Resources Located in the World? (As Learning)
  5. What Makes Natural Resources Valuable? (As Learning)
  6. How Do Humans Meet Their Needs and Wants (As Learning)
  7. Natural Resources Quiz (Of Learning)
  8. Perspectives On Natural Resource Use (As Learning)
  9. Current Events Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  10. Natural Resources Extraction Methods (As Learning)
  11. Effects of Natural Resource Extraction (As Learning)
  12. Environmental Responses to Resource Extraction (For/As/Of Learning)
  13. Taking Action: Organizations That Care (As/Of Learning)
  14. National Resources Inquiry Assignment (As/Of Learning)
  15. Personal Plan of Action (Of Learning)
  16. Unit Test (Of Learning)

Do you have students working below grade level? Check out this modified bundle – Grade 7 Geography Modified Bundle that compliments this bundle.

Teacher Feedback

  1. “I love all of your resources! I purchased this bundle after being switched from grade 8 to grade 7! I already own the grade 8 resources so I knew immediately what to get when I knew I’d be teaching grade 7.”
  2. “As always, Kristy makes an amazing product that links in expectations and learning (for/of/as) for us Ontario educators. Thank you!”
  3. “I love all of your units! With administrators pressing for fewer text resources and living in an area where digital resources aren’t always available, I really appreciate the effort you put into your units! A whole year, ready to go!!”

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