Grade 7 and 8 Ontario Curriculum Geography Bundle


Grade 7/8 Geography: Teachers are provided with 64 in-depth lessons to help their students explore and understand key concepts in physical and human geography. Topics covered are related to landforms and climate, global settlement patterns, sustainability, quality of life and economic development.

This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom. This bundle contains a combined grades teaching plan to help facilitate teaching both grades.

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1.”I love these units! What a great value. It matches Ontario Curriculum expectations and even has pages for IEP/ESL students. Wonderful textbook alternative and easy to use with my interactive whiteboard.”

2.”I love, love, love this! Its so thorough and has made teaching both Social and Science so easy. I’m using this in Saskatchewan and it still fits in with large parts of our curriculum.”

3. “This is such an incredible time saver! I struggle with the new curriculum and now feel a little more confident!”

4. “Thank you, thank you! This is an OUTSTANDING resource! I have used both units thoroughly this term, and can honestly say this unit is a game changer! The lessons are well thought out, easy to follow, relevant, interesting, differentiated, and most of all they reach the students and teach the curriculum perfectly! I did not need to supplement this resource at all and was able to deliver a thorough intermediate geography program last term. All of the lessons are very meaningful and current. I’m so happy I purchased this! The PDF files shared in Google are wonderful as I am teaching using the Google Classroom and do not print anything for my students. This makes it very easy to post the notes for each lesson as we work through the unit.”

5. “Absolutely love this resource! My students hate using textbooks and I am not a fan of teaching from the textbook. The activities were great and when needed I was able to leave them for my 7s or 8s as I taught the other grade. Highly recommend this resource to anyone teaching Grade 7 and 8.”

6. “So helpful. This is the best resource I have purchased on this site”


Curriculum Alignment:

  • Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018 Grade 7 Geography Strand A and B
  • Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018 Grade 8 Geography Strand A and B

Bundle Includes These Individual Resources

  • Physical Patterns in a Changing World
  • Natural Resources Around the World Use and Sustainability
  • Global Settlement Patterns and Sustainability
  • Global Inequalities Economic Development and Quality of Life

Resource Notes:

  • Regular reliable internet access is required for this unit
  • Internet must be able to access online video sources
  • Research is not included for inquiry stations. Students must gather the research themselves from a textbook, non-fiction books or online sources.
  • This resource is NOT editable.

Need to go paperless? Check out the digital expansion pack for this unit. This expansion pack contains all of the student output pages in a Google Slides format. This will save you time at the photocopier! Note: The expansion pack is NOT a complete unit. You will see need to purchase the complete unit.

  • Grade 7 Digital Bundle
  • Grade 8 Digital Bundle

Grade 7 Geography Strand A and B Included Lessons and Assignments:

Why Study Geography? (As/For Learning)

Mapping Skills Review (For Learning)

Map of Canada Assignment (Of Learning)

What is Geography? (For/As Learning)

World Map Assignment (Of Learning)

Physical Characteristics of Landforms (As Learning)

Changes to Landforms (As Learning)

Landforms Quiz (Of Learning)

Land Reclamation Assignment (As/Of Learning)

Physical Characteristics of Water Systems (As Learning)

Changes to Water Systems (As Learning)

Characteristics of Climate Regions (As Learning)

Changes to Climate Regions (As Learning)

Climate Graph Creation Assignment (Of Learning)

Natural Vegetation Regions (As Learning)

Changes to Natural Vegetation Regions (As Learning)

Invasive Species Assignment (Of Learning)

Challenges and Opportunities Presented by Physical Environments (As Learning)

Group Scenario Learning (As Learning)

Natural Events Inquiry Stations (As/Of Learning)

Unit Test (Of Learning)

Introduction – Canada: A Land of Natural Resources (As/Of Learning)

What is a Natural Resource? (As/For Learning)

Where are Natural Resources Located in Canada? (For/As Learning)

Where are Natural Resources Located in the World? (As Learning)

What Makes Natural Resources Valuable? (As Learning)

How Do Humans Meet Their Needs and Wants (As Learning)

Natural Resources Quiz (Of Learning)

Perspectives On Natural Resource Use (As Learning)

Current Events Assignment (As/Of Learning)

Natural Resources Extraction Methods (As Learning)

Effects of Natural Resource Extraction (As Learning)

Environmental Responses to Resource Extraction (For/As/Of Learning)

Taking Action: Organizations That Care (As/Of Learning)

National Resources Inquiry Assignment (As/Of Learning)

Personal Plan of Action (Of Learning)

Unit Test (Of Learning)

Grade 8 Geography Strand A and B Included Lessons and Assignments:

Why Study Geography? (As/For Learning)

Mapping Skills Review (For Learning)

Map of Canada Assignment (Of Learning)

What is Geography? (For/As Learning)

World Map Assignment (Of Learning)

Spatial Patterns in Human Settlement Part 1 (As Learning)

Spatial Patterns in Human Settlement Part 2 (As Learning)

Settlement Factors (As Learning)

Global Settlement Patterns (As Learning)

Land Use Case Study: Caledonia, Ontario (As/Of Learning)

Mid Unit Test (Of Learning)

Trends in Human Settlement (As Learning)

Environmental Impact of Human Settlement (As Learning)

Settlement Issues (As Learning)

Sustainable Settlements (As Learning)

Community Sustainability Audit (Of Learning)

Geography Inquiry on Land Reclamation or Land Use Conflicts (Of Learning)

Unit Test (Of Learning)

Examining Quality of Life (As Learning)

Geographic Inequalities Vocabulary (As/For Learning)

Quality of Life Indicators (As Learning)

Scatter Graphs (Of Learning)

Millennium Development Goals (As Learning)

Quality of Life Research Presentation (As/Of Learning)

Population Pyramids (As/Of Learning)

Interrelationships (As Learning)

Mid Unit Test (Of Learning)

Media and Quality of Life (As Learning)

Quality of Life Inquiry (As/Of Learning)

Economic Systems (As Learning)

Economic Sectors (As Learning)

Economic Systems and Sectors Quiz (Of Learning)

Economic Development Factors (As Learning)

Global Wealth Distribution (As Learning)

Unit Test (Of Learning)

Other Grade 7 and 8 Social Studies Resources

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Unit Includes:

-individual PDFs of student pages for uploading to Google Classroom or other online learning portals

-detailed unit plan with readings, videos, news articles, website links

-assessment for, of and as learning breakdown

-lessons divided up with title pages for easy access

-lots of variety and student choice on assignments

-detailed teacher directions

-Q Chart to help students formulate good questions

-inquiry-based learning

-inquiry stations research folder cover pages

-inquiry station cards with detailed instructions

-inquiry station graphic organizers to help students with their research

-oral presentation assessment rubric

-geographic content assessment rubric

-writing assessment rubric

-a variety of assessment formats (inquiries, assignments, quizzes, tests)