Grade 7 and 8 Ontario Long Range Plans: This resource contains long range plans for teaching Language Arts, Math, History, Geography, Drama and Dance. The plans are based on the Ontario Grade 7 and 8 Curriculum. Provides a general monthly overview for each subject. Plans can be used by either split or straight grade teachers.

Resource is non-editable PDF copy only. Editable version is not available.

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “I love how you lay out and present all of your products. They are professional, adaptable and easy to use. You are the first seller I look for when I log on to TPT!”

2. “THANKS! gave me some great ideas on how to align the two grades.”

3. “Thank you for sharing! It is really nice & helpful to see how someone else has planned for specific subjects during the school year when you are doing it for the first time.”

4. “This is a great resource for new and experienced teachers alike. I chose to use it as a “jumping off point” for my LRP for the upcoming school year. And its free? Best TPT download so far. ”

5. “This is the first year I am teaching grade 7/8, and these long range plans have been so helpful- Thank You !!!!!”


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