Grade 6 Social Studies Strand B Canada’s Interactions Digital Expansion Pack


Grade 6 Social Studies Strand B: For teachers who already own the full unit Grade 6 Social Studies: Canada’s Interactions With The Global Community – this will allow for paperless classrooms.

This resource is a collection of premade Google Slides lessons that allow students with technology to type directly on the slide. No additional Extensions or Add-Ons are needed students will just Google Slides. Each lesson from the full unit has been made into a digital lesson for any pages requiring student output.

Note: This is NOT a complete unit – this is an expansion pack for the complete unit located here.

This expansion pack is aligned with the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018 Grade 6 Strand B.

Lesson Outline Formatted as Google Slides

1. Introduction: Key Vocabulary

2. Canadian Government and Global Interactions

3. International Accords and Organizations

4. Canada’s Role in International Programs

5. Canada’s Role in International Non-Government Organizations

6. Canada’s Crisis Response: H1N1 and Ebola

7. Canada’s Role in International Peace

8. Canada’s Global Relationships

9. Canada’s Trading Partners

10. Canada’s Economy

11. Environmental Issues: Overfishing

12. Environmental Issues: Canada’s Impact

13. Global Issues Inquiry

****************************** Teacher Feedback ******************************

1. “This is great! I can easily share these with my students and save paper and time! My students are always more engaged when it’s tech-based so this will be great! Thank you so much for this option.”