Grade 6 Social Studies Strand A Communities in Canada Digital Expansion Pack


Grade 6 Social Studies Strand A: For teachers who already own the full unit Grade 6 Social Studies: Communities in Canada, Past and Present – this will allow for paperless classrooms.

This resource is a collection of premade Google Slides lessons that allow students with technology to type directly on the slide. No additional Extensions or Add-Ons are needed students will just Google Slides. Each lesson from the full unit has been made into a digital lesson for any pages requiring student output.

Note: This is NOT a complete unit – this is an expansion pack for the complete unit located here.

This expansion pack is aligned with the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum 2018 Grade 6 Strand A.

Strand A Lesson Outline (formatted as Google Slides)

1. Introduction: Building Vocabulary & Map Creation

2. What Shapes Our Canadian Identity?

3. Canadian Identity: Fundamentals

4. Canadian Identity: Indigenous Canadians

5. Canadian Identity: Settler Communities

6. Canadian Identity: Inclusiveness

7. Historical Perspectives: Communities Inquiry

8. Traditional Territories

9. Migration Reasons

10. Settler Life in Canada

11. Economic Development

12. Creation of Nunavut, Nunavik, and Nunatsiavut

13. Community Developments

14. Interactions Between Settler Communities

15. Differences Between Communities

16. How Did You Get Here?

****************************** Teacher Feedback ******************************

1. “This is amazing! Just what I needed to help combat copy code shortage and stay green! I can easily pop these into google classroom – Thank you!!”