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6th Grade Podcast Listening Activities – Grade 6 Listening Skills Bundle



Total Pages: 255 pages
Answer Key: Included with rubric
Teaching Duration: 1 Year
File Size: 25.8 MB
File Type: PDF (Zip)

6th Grade Podcast Listening Activities – Grade 6 Listening Skills Bundle

This 6th Grade Podcast Listening Activities Bundle is the perfect tool to help your students work on their listening comprehension skills. Each lesson in this 12-lesson bundle includes pre- and post-listening questions as well as journal prompts and an extension assignment.

Use these podcast listening comprehension activities to help reinforce listening, writing and critical thinking skills in your classroom. With 12 engaging lessons centred around short podcast segments about consumers, companies, and marketing, this 6th Grade Listening Activities Bundle is the ideal tool to elevate your students’ listening comprehension skills.

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Grade 6 Listening Skills Bundle – Podcast Topics:

  1. Back To Basics Tech (The rise of “dumb phone” sales)
  2. Brand Departures (Why brands are leaving Canada)
  3. Chewing Gum Sales Decline (Why chewing gum is not as popular as it once was)
  4. DIY Economy (How companies are downloading tasks to the consumer)
  5. Egg Prices (The factors involved in pricing eggs)
  6. Fast Food Prices (Why does the same meal have different prices at various locations)
  7. Fastest Fast Food (Is the drive-thru the fastest option?)
  8. Pay Now Play Later (In-game purchases for modern video games)
  9. Subscription Boxes (How consumers are encouraged to sign up for subscription boxes)
  10. The Decline of Shopping Malls (What can be done with these empty spaces?)
  11. The Rise of Resale (Why brands are creating resale programs)
  12. Wallet-Friendly Food App (Food deals for consumers)

Each Podcast Lesson Includes:

  • Detailed Teacher Instructions
  • Podcast Listening Activity
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Journal Entries
  • Extend Your Learning Research Choice Board
  • Answer Keys
  • Assessment Rubrics
  • Print & Digital Formats

This convenient, no-prep Grade 6 Listening Skills Bundle is highly adaptable and can seamlessly integrate into your classroom as sub plans, asynchronous assignments, homework tasks, or independent or whole-class lessons.

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