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Grade 6 Grammar Unit



Total Pages: 189 pages
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 3 Weeks
File Type: Zip
File Size: 12.6MB

Grade 6 Grammar Unit

Have your Grade 6 students improve their writing and grammar skills with these engaging and useful lessons. Students will learn about pronouns, phrases, clauses, types of sentences, verb tenses, commas, quotation marks, semi-colons, brackets and colons in this Grade 6 Grammar Unit.

Each topic comes with a teacher-directed lesson (Google Slides and Student Reference Sheets) and then a student practice follow-up activity (fill in the blanks, matching activities, or students write their own). This unit is geared toward middle school students and does not have to be used just with Grade 6 students. Review the skills covered in this unit and then see if it meets your needs.

  • This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning, i.e. Google Classroom™.
  • The unit also comes with Google Slides™ versions of the included lessons for 1:1 technology schools.

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Resource Notes

  • Aligned to the Ontario Curriculum.
  • Regular, reliable internet access is required to access the videos for this unit.
  • This resource is a non-editable PDF.

Grade 6 Grammar Unit – Lesson Overview:

  1. Lesson 1 – Subject, Object, and Indefinite Pronouns
  2. Lesson 2 – Adverb Phrases
  3. Lesson 3 – Phrases and Clauses
  4. Lesson 4 – Independent and Dependent Clauses
  5. Lesson 5 – Compound Sentences
  6. Lesson 6 – Complex Sentences
  7. Lesson 7 – Compound-Complex Sentences
  8. Lesson 8 – Types of Sentences Review
  9. Lesson 9 – Past, Present, Future Verb Tense
  10. Lesson 10 – Commas to Separate an Introductory Word or Phrase
  11. Lesson 11 – Commas to Separate Words in a List
  12. Lesson 12 – Quotations Marks in Dialogue
  13. Lesson 13 – Use of Semicolons
  14. Lesson 14 – Use of Brackets
  15. Lesson 15 – Use of Colons

Grade 6 Grammar Unit – Resource Includes:

  • 15 Grammar Lessons
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Lessons Slideshow
  • Differentiated & Engaging Activities (Cut & Match, Fill in the Blanks, Find the Error)
  • Answer Keys
  • Video Links
  • PDF & Digital Formats

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