Grade 6 and Grade 7 Long Range Plans Ontario Curriculum


Grade 6/7 Long Range Plans: This resource contains combined grades/split grade plans for teaching Grade 6 and 7 English, Math, Social Studies, Science and suggestions for other subjects. The plans are based on the Ontario Curriculum. Teachers are provided with a side by side overview of how to teach the curriculum expectations.

Resource is non-editable PDF copy only. Editable version is not available.

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**************** Teacher Feedback ****************

1. “Seeing this in my email literally made me clap my hands with joy. This will be my second year teaching Grade 6/7 and it’s a tricky split. Last year I looked relentlessly for an outline to help me out to no avail. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and even more so for offering it for FREE. Already one of my favourite sellers as it’s Ontario based – thank you, thank you, thank you!”


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