Grade 3 Health Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours


This primary substance abuse health unit aligns to the Ontario Grade 3 health curriculum, but can be used with any curriculum that covers the following curriculum expectations:

  • the impact of using legal/illegal substances on themselves and their family and friends
  • classifying drugs under categories of prescription vs. non-prescription
  • making decisions about substance use
  • health consequences of substance use

This unit also contains 10 different lessons on:

  1. what is a drug
  2. prescription drugs
  3. non-prescription drugs
  4. caffeine
  5. nicotine and smoking
  6. alcohol
  7. energy drinks
  8. electronic devices
  9. class discussion questions to review the unit
  10. “show what you know” unit recap

The lessons can be turned into task cards or stations depending on your instructional preferences. Each lesson comes with a teacher support page and a student support page. A detailed unit plan that outlines teacher actions and student actions is also included.

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “Love that this will push my students. I hesitated at first when browsing because of the content, but this is real life and it is better to make kids aware. I was shocked how much prior knowledge many of my students had. Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me educate my students!”

2. “Great and thorough unit! Easy to quickly implement in a series of lessons! Ideal for a busy homeroom teacher or a coverage/planning teacher!


3. “A good addition to my Health unit. The visuals were very helpful!”

4. “I love the layout and visuals of this unit! It really helps my students to understand (i.e. the difference between prescription and non-prescription drugs.)”