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Good News Assignment



Total Pages: 40 pages
Answer Key: Rubric only
Teaching Duration: 1 Week
File Size: 4 MB
File Type: Zip

Good News Assignment

Students are constantly exposed to news. It is important to showcase the good events that occur as well as the current events. In this Good News Assignment, students find a good news event to share with the class in an oral presentation. Students can present this information in a video format or a live presentation. This can be used with any non-fiction good news article.

This lesson is also included in the Oral Presentations Bundle 2 and the Full Year Middle School English Language Arts Lesson Bundle 2

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  • Regular, reliable internet access is required for this resource.
  • Internet must be able to access online video sources.
  • This resource is a non-editable PDF.

Good News Assignment – Lesson Outline:

  1. What is good news?
  2. Good news assignment
  3. Good news presentations

Good News Assignment – Resource Includes:

  • Teacher lesson plan
  • Student assignment sheet
  • Graphic organizers
  • Curriculum alignment Ontario Curriculum and Common Core

Good News Assignment – Teacher Feedback:

  1. “What a wonderful assignment to help pick us all up in these difficult times. The students really enjoyed finding good news and presenting it. Thank you!”
  2. Overall, a solid resource.  As always, your resources are excellent and straightforward.  I absolutely love all your units.  They save me so much time. Worth every penny.
  3. “This is such a great activity for students to do during this tough school year. The lead-up lessons are great. This is a very easy resource to use!”

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