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Full Year Digital Escape Room Bundle 2



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Full Year Digital Escape Room Bundle 2

This Full Year Digital Escape Room Bundle 2 is designed for middle school students to help reinforce their critical thinking and literacy skills. Transform your classroom with these 11 engaging and customizable digital escape rooms. Watch your students immerse themselves in the challenges as they collaborate with their peers to solve the mysteries and “escape” from various rooms.

By incorporating these digital escape rooms into your curriculum, you can foster a sense of community through cooperative learning, while also promoting social-emotional development for your 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students.

Each escape room provides students with an interactive experience for 30 to 60 minutes, delivering both educational content and thrilling entertainment.

No prep is required from the teacher or students – all that is needed is for the teacher to have a Google Drive account. Students can use Google Forms without having a Google account.

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What’s included in this bundle?

  • 11 Digital Escape Rooms: Explore captivating themes, such as Fake News, Movie Night, Book, Poetry, Canada, New Year’s, Snow, Winter Sports, Earth Day, Thanksgiving, and Pet-Themed. Each room promises an unforgettable experience for your students.
  • Detailed Teacher Directions: Easy-to-follow instructions are provided in both text and video formats, ensuring you have everything you need to guide your students through each escape room adventure seamlessly.
  • Answer Keys: Access the answers to every challenge, allowing you to assess your students’ progress and provide valuable feedback.
  • Student Instructions: Clearly outlined instructions to help your students dive into the escape rooms confidently, ensuring they get the most out of their immersive learning experience.


  1. Fake News
  2. Movie Night
  3. Book
  4. Poetry
  5. Canada
  6. New Year’s
  7. Snow
  8. Winter Sports
  9. Earth Day
  10. Thanksgiving
  11. Pet-Themed

⚠️ PLEASE READ IMPORTANT: ⚠️ The escape rooms in this digital escape room bundle use YouTube and Jigsaw Planet links. Check that your school district does not block these websites. I am not responsible for district firewalls that block external websites. Refunds will not be provided for district-blocked sites due to the 100% editability of this escape room.

Teacher Feedback

  1. “My students love these escape rooms. They are French-speaking ESL students. They love problem-solving and work in teams to mobilize interaction in English. I love them as they are easy to put on Google Classroom. They can complement an activity or theme, and they are great fillers. I would buy more.”
  2. “The Escape Room activity was a blast! It turned learning into an adventure and kept my students engaged from start to finish. The puzzles were challenging yet achievable, promoting teamwork and critical thinking skills. Highly recommend for a thrilling educational experience!”
  3. “Love these escape rooms!  Students are fully engaged in the activities.”

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