Fathers of Confederation Monologues


In this Fathers of Canadian Confederation Monologue Assignment, students need to research their Father of Confederation and explain their role in the development of Canada as an independent nation. Students will present their findings in an oral monologue to the class. This is an integrated Language, History and Drama assignment. Resource contains individual PDFs to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom.

Resource Includes:

-Assignment Sheet

-Historical Content Rubric

-Oral Presentation Skills Rubric

-Dramatic Performance Rubric

This assignment is also part of a larger bundled product.

Grade 8 History Creating Canada 1850-1890 Strand A

Canadian History Bundle 1850-1914

Complete Canadian History Teaching Units

New France, British North America, War of 1812 and The Rebellions 1713-1850

Confederation, Western Canada and Changing Society 1850-1914

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “Great resource to bring history to life!!!! Students loved it. Thank you.”

2. “This is something I would never have thought of or been comfortable doing…thanks for the great ideas!”

3. “Used this resource as an assessment at the end of the unit. Creative way to assess kids ”