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End of the Year Mega Bundle



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End of the Year Mega Bundle

Middle School Teachers! The End of the Year Mega Bundle is the ultimate solution to end your school year with engaged students. This resource contains 10 captivating activities specifically designed for middle school students. It’s the perfect mix of educational lessons and entertaining adventures, ensuring your students remain interested in learning until the very last day of school.

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End of the Year Mega Bundle – Included Resources:

  1. Are Public Pools Safe? Non-Fiction Article
  2. Amusement Parks Non-Fiction Article
  3. End of the Year Digital Escape Room
  4. Summer Creative Writing Assignment
  5. Letter Writing (Advice to Future Student, Dear Future Teacher)
  6. School Year Reflections Memory Book (4 pages)
  7. Read It Book Recommendations
  8. Six-Word Memoirs
  9. Thank You Card Writing
  10. Chewing Gum Sales Decline Podcast Lesson

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this End of the Year Mega Bundle:

  • Are Public Pools Safe? Non-Fiction Article: Explore the world of public pools through this informative article, allowing your students to learn about the importance of safety while engaging with real-world issues.
  • Amusement Parks Non-Fiction Article: Take your students on a thrilling ride through the world of amusement parks with this non-fiction article. They’ll discover the secrets behind their favourite rides and attractions, all while sharpening their reading and comprehension skills.
  • End of the Year Digital Escape Room: Challenge your students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities with this exhilarating digital escape room. They’ll work together to solve puzzles and unlock mysteries, making their end-of-year experience unforgettable.
  • Summer Creative Writing Assignment: Ignite your students’ imagination and writing skills with this summer-themed creative writing assignment. Watch as they create vivid stories and express their thoughts with flair and creativity.
  • Letter Writing (Advice to Future Student, Dear Future Teacher): Foster reflection and personal growth by encouraging your students to write heartfelt letters. They can share advice with future students or express gratitude to their future teachers, creating a meaningful connection between the past and the future.
  • School Year Reflections Memory Book (4 pages): Celebrate the journey your students have embarked upon throughout the year with this delightful memory book. From favourite memories to cherished friendships, they’ll capture it all in this beautifully designed keepsake.
  • Read It Book Recommendations: Encourage a love for reading by allowing your students to recommend their favourite books. This resource will inspire them to share their literary discoveries and discover new reading adventures.
  • Six-Word Memoirs: Spark creativity and self-expression with this engaging activity. Your students will craft concise and powerful six-word memoirs, reflecting on their experiences and capturing their unique perspectives. As a bonus, students can turn this activity into a decoration that can be used at end of the year events.
  • Thank You Card Writing: Teach your students the importance of gratitude and appreciation through the art of writing thank-you cards. They’ll express their heartfelt thanks to someone who has made a positive impact on their lives, spreading kindness and appreciation.
  • Chewing Gum Sales Decline Podcast: Your students will dive into the world of business and marketing, analyzing the factors behind the decline in chewing gum sales while honing their listening and critical thinking skills.
  • Print & Digital Formats: Flexibility is key! Choose between physical copies or digital resources based on your classroom needs.

End of the Year Mega Bundle – Teacher Feedback:

  1. “As per usual, 2peasandadog comes to save the day! Students were burned out from the events of this year, and they really enjoyed these end of the year activities. Activities are always well organized, explained, and thought out. “
  2. “I love that there are different types of questions in this resource, it is a topic that interests the pupils and the thinking questions create room for discussion and communication. “
  3. “My students have LOVED the activities so far! They particularly enjoy the digital escape room that is included in the bundle!”

So, Middle School Teachers, don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to engage your students until the very last day of school. With the End of the Year Mega Bundle, you’ll inspire, educate, and create lasting memories that your students will cherish for years to come. Get your bundle today and make this end-of-year experience truly unforgettable!

End of the Year Mega Bundle – Resource Notes:

  • Regular, reliable internet access is required for this resource.
  • This resource is a non-editable PDF.

More End of the Year Resources: 

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