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Cylinders Surface Area and Volume Project



Total Pages: 11 pages
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: N/A
File Size: 1 MB
File Type: PDF

Cylinders Surface Area and Volume Project

In this Cylinders Surface Area and Volume Project, students must find the surface area and volume of different cylinders as well as the surface area of a living room. Students are asked to buy paint for their homes. They are given three different options and must decide which option is the best for them. This is an application task of a real-life cylinders scenario.

Students will use their basic adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, and decimal skills, as well as using the formula for surface area and volume of a cylinder, to solve all the math questions in this package. Measurements are in metric units. Answer key provided.

  • The resource contains individual PDFs to assist with online learning, i.e. Google Classroom, a Google Slides version, and a self-marking Google Form Quiz.

Curriculum Alignment: This aligns with the Grade 8 Ontario math curriculum and any other curriculum that requires students to apply cylinder surface area and volume formulas to solve real-life problems.

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Cylinders Surface Area and Volume Project – Resource Includes:

  • Self-marking Google Form version
  • Google Slides version
  • Individual PDFs for Google Classroom
  • Buying Paint Word Problem Sheet (metric units)
  • Painting a Room Word Problem Sheet (metric units)
  • Math Journal Reflection Sheet
  • 4 Level Assessment Rubric
  • Answer Key

Cylinders Surface Area and Volume Project – Teacher Feedback:

  1. “I really like the reflection portion at the end. Very fun activity where students can apply their knowledge! Thanks!”
  2. “Great inquiry-based math project with a reflection at the end.”
  3. “A wonderful real-life activity”
  4. “Amazing! My students loved this and it was a great activity that helped to support my students learning of circles and cylinders.”
  5. “I really loved this activity. I used as a project for my grade 8 students and it was perfect as the authentic task really has them visualizing what surface area is.”

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