Current Events News Assignment: It is important for students to be informed about current events happening locally and globally. In this NO PREP just photocopy activity, students examine online or print news sources to report on a current event for their class. This can be used with any non-fiction new article or text.

This assignment is also part of a larger bundled product.

Oral Presentations Bundle

Included in This Resource:

  • teacher lesson plan
  • student assignment sheet
  • 3 different types of current events graphic organizers to practise main idea and significance
  • balanced literacy lesson plan (guided practice – modelled, shared and independent)

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***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “Perfect for what I needed. Captures all the important areas of focus for a open current events assignment. Easily applied to a variety of sources.”

2. “Love this. I have students give weekly presentations in current events. This helps them prepare and organize their ideas.”

3. “Excellent. This will be so useful while we struggle to include non fictional texts into our lessons. Thank you for sharing this top notch freebie!”