Creative Writing Year Long Bundle


Creative Writing Bundle: This no prep – just photocopy and teach, yearlong creative writing bundle will keep your students engaged in their writing. This bundle provides holiday writing prompts (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter) as well as seasonal writing prompts (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Back to School) to support an inclusive classroom environment.

Students will select one the provided seasonal or holiday themed character roles and create a written or visual product based on the character’s specific writing prompt using the RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) format.

This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom. Assignment sheets are provided with multiple background options and in both landscape and portrait format options.

Included in this Resource:

  • Detailed Teacher Instructions
  • 9 Different Creative Writing Assignments (with multiple background options)
  • Standards-Based Grading Rubric (Level 1 – Level 4)
  • Points Based Grading Rubric (Provides a final percentage mark)
  • Google Classroom ready PDFs

************ Teacher Feedback ************

  1. “This is an awesome creative writing resource! Very creative topic ideas and excellent assessment tools! Thanks so much!”
  2. “My students love these assignments! Gives them the chance to write creatively and provides an easy way for me to mark their work! Thank you!”
  3. “Thank you so much for this life-saving resource! As a student teacher/new teacher everything is so overwhelming and I hope with time I will feel more confident, but until then thank you so much! Clear, thorough, curriculum aligned!”
  4. “My students are loving this resource!”
  5. “I am so excited to use this resource in my intermediate behaviour class! It can be really hard to find an assignment that makes everyone feel excited to write and that captures everyone’s imagination. This resource does just that, and allows for lots of differentiation! Thank you!”
  6. “These will be a great addition to my 7/8 language program. Thank you!”


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