Classic Fiction Book Report


Classical Fiction Book Report | PDF and Digital Formats: It is important for students to be exposed to classic fiction (anything fictional works published before 1970) to help understand many of the cultural references seen daily in pop culture. In this classic fiction book report, students complete a reading reflection book report once their novel is complete.

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Resource Includes:

  • Novel Suggestions
  • Genre-Based Assignment Sheet
  • Standards-Based Assessment Rubric
  • Points-Based Assessment
  • PDF and Digital Formats
  • Individual PDFs for Google Classroom or other LMS providers
  • Google Slides format for 1:1 technology classrooms

Teacher Feedback

  1. “Great idea for my monthly book report. Thank you!”
  2. “Loved this for my honours class.”
  3. “Looking forward to using this as part of a summer literacy project. Thanks!”

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