Christmas Writing Prompts


Christmas Story Writing Prompts:¬†These writing prompts are a “no prep, just photocopy and go” lesson. When students use these interactive writing prompts they get to get up and stay moving.

Students use the 8 different Christmas themed story prompts to get thinking creatively about what might happen in each scenario. Students move around the classroom to answer their classmates’ story writing prompts.

Included in this package:

  • Detailed Teacher Instructions
  • 8 Different Open-Ended Story Prompts
  • 1 Create Your Own Creative Writing Prompts
  • Individual PDFs for online learning
  • Google Slides for 1:1 Classrooms

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “This is perfect for December writing centers … and it’s also perfect for my early-finishers and higher ability students to work on while I’m doing some guided work with smaller groups. Thank you!”

2. “Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful Christmas prompts, that can be used in so many different ways – whole group, small group, independent, centers, etc. They will be well used!”

3. “What a fun and creative writing activity, complete with excellent writing prompts that students will love!”


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