Bump It Up Board Headers


This Bump It Up Board header set is a strategy used to increase student performance. It can be applied to any subject level.

Students work is compared against a Level 1 – Level 4 assessment scale. Students use this information to improve their work before submission to the teacher.

This is a great self editing, proof reading and peer editing strategy.

All headers in this set come in six different color choices blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow to match your classroom decor.

-Lesson plan Bump It Up 101 – detailed instructions on how to create and use your a Bump It Up Board
Headers included are: Bump It Up, Learning Goals, Success Criteria, Levels 1 -4 ( 6 color choices)

This blog posts outlines step by step how to create your own bump it up board. Bump It Up Boards How To

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***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “Thank You! Saved me time creating my own and I like the simplicity of it!”

2. “I’ve heard about Bump it Up boards in the past, but just didn’t get around to making one myself. Thanks for providing such professional, and visually appealing resources.”

3. “Bright and colourful! A++”


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