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Book Unboxing Assignment



Total Pages: 28 pages
Answer Key: Rubric only
Teaching Duration: 1 Week
File Size: 5 MB
File Type: Zip

Book Unboxing Assignment | PDF and Digital Formats: Students love social media and YouTube culture. Use their knowledge and excitement to promote reading in your classroom. Students select 3 – 5 books they have read and unbox them for the class. Students can present this information in a video format or a live presentation. This can be used with any fiction or non-fiction book.

Lesson Outline

  1. What is unboxing? Modeled, Shared, and Independent Lessons
  2. Book Unboxing Assignment
  3. Book Unboxing Assignment presentations

Resource Includes:

  • Teacher lesson plan
  • Student assignment sheet
  • Graphic organizers
  • Curriculum alignment Ontario Curriculum and Common Core

Resource Notes

  • Regular reliable internet access is required for this resource.
  • Internet must be able to access online video sources.
  • This resource is a non-editable PDF.

Teacher Feedback

  1. I’m in Canada, but it worked well with our curriculum as well (Oral Language, Media Literacy, etc.) and the students loved it. The resource is super organized and thorough – I didn’t have to do much tweaking (except for the Standards/Expectations). We also had a great discussion around cyberbullying and leaving positive comments and helpful suggestions (without being hurtful). It’s so relevant for students and they had fun with it!”
  2. “Another great resource from Two Peas and a Dog.  Currently using this as a replacement for our monthly book review. Students are enjoying it very much – engaging for distance learning.”
  3. “Great resource. Engaging activity.”

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