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Ultimate Back to School Activities Mega Bundle for Middle School



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Ultimate Back to School Activities Mega Bundle for Middle School

Ignite student excitement and connection in your classroom with this incredible Back to School Mega Bundle! Designed specifically for middle school students, this comprehensive set of 15+ resources will save you time while helping you achieve a smooth and engaging start to the school year.

Whether you’re teaching in-person or virtually, these resources are your perfect companions for cooperative learning and fostering social-emotional growth.

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Mega Bundle Includes:

  1. 9+ Different Back to School Activities
  2. Digital Escape Room
  3. Creative Writing Choice Board Assignment
  4. School Uniforms Non-Fiction Article
  5. Classroom Reward Coupons
  6. 365 Attendance Questions

Unleash the Power of the Mega Bundle:

  • Explore 9+ Exciting Back to School Activities: From icebreakers to team-building challenges, these carefully curated activities will enable your students to forge meaningful connections right from day one.
  • Embark on a Thrilling Digital Escape Room: Take your students on an unforgettable adventure while enhancing their critical thinking skills. This interactive escape room will keep them on the edge of their seats as they solve puzzles and unlock mysteries.
  • Nurture Creative Writing with a Choice Board Assignment: Encourage your students to unleash their imagination through a variety of captivating writing prompts. This choice board sparks their creativity, helping them express their unique perspectives and strengthen their language skills.
  • Dive into Compelling Non-Fiction with School Uniforms: Broaden your students’ horizons with a thought-provoking non-fiction article about school uniforms. This resource stimulates meaningful discussions, encourages critical analysis, and fosters a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives.
  • Reward Positive Behaviour with Classroom Coupons: Motivate and inspire your students with a set of delightful classroom reward coupons. These little incentives go a long way in promoting positive behaviour, creating a harmonious learning environment, and boosting student engagement.
  • 365 Engaging Attendance Questions: Use these questions to build classroom community and strengthen your classroom management skills.

Get a sneak peek of each resource by exploring their previews. Investing just $9.99 in this back-to-school season will be the best decision you make!

What Fellow Teachers Have to Say:

  1. This was a great resource! Lots of highly engaging, interactive, community-building activities. Very helpful in orientating everyone to a new school year!
  2. Thank you for making back to school planning a breeze! Students have been engaged and enjoying each lesson so far. I will use for years to come!
  3. Great resources for an engaging start for the year. It’s nice to have more ways to engage and get to know the students in those first few weeks of learning and community building.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to create a vibrant and connected classroom community. Grab this Back to School Mega Bundle today!

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