Back to School Activities


This Back to School Activities bundle is geared towards upper elementary and middle school students. It is a great mix of both independent and collaborative back to school activities for the first two weeks of school. This assignment is Google Classroom ready with individual PDFs.

Included Activities:

-Teacher Instructions (specific timeline included)

-Student Info Sheet (basic information)

-Interview The Room Activity (students mingle and get to know each other)

-Dear New To Me Teacher Letter Writing Activity (write a letter to their new teacher using sentence starters)

-Letter To Yourself Time Capsule Activity (graphic organizer style)

-Student Seating Plan Choice Card (provides an opportunity for student voice in the classroom

-Student Identity Art Assignment (students showcase their cultural background)

-Journal Writing Summer Vacation Prompts (5 different choices – can be glued into an interactive journal)

-Interactive Story Writing Activity (get students back into the writing groove)

-Back to School Bingo (fast and energetic first day get to know you activity)

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “I love that you get 5 quality activities with this product. I really like the letter that they will write to me. I am having some of the same students that I met during my student teaching (only they were many years younger), and it will be nice to re-meet each of them this year. It will also give me a clear idea about their writing ability level. Each one of these activities are great ways to get students involved during the first days, and serve a great purpose of getting to know student personalities. Thank you!”

2. “Great activities to choose from. It’s so nice not having to “re-invent the wheel”! ;)”

3. “I love the idea of letter writing at the beginning of the year. Gives me a chance to see what their writing is like. I am looking forward to returning to the students the letters they wrote in September!!”

4. “I enjoyed using some of these activities at the start of the year. I moved up a grade so I have almost all of the same students as last year so I needed some new ideas for my back to school activities! It worked out great :)”

5. “I love how engaging all of these activities are for back to school. I’ve been on mat leave so I’m looking forward to using something that will help me transition into the classroom easily.”


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