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Article of the Week FRENCH EDITION | PDF and Digital Formats: Help your students purposely engage with non-fiction texts using this differentiated article of the week four lesson bundle. This resource was created for French immersion teachers to help them add more real-world non-fiction lessons to their FSL program.


This no-prep, print and go resource can be used in any content area or English Language Arts classroom to help students gain background knowledge, practice their reading, writing and analysis skills as well as keep classroom engagement high.


  • This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning i.e. Google Classroom as well as Google Slides formatted lessons for 1:1 schools.


Each week assign an article for students to read and respond to. Keep the assignment relevant by using current articles that match your course content. Articles are not provided, this resource is the lessons that can be used with any article you select for your students to read.


This resource contains four different article of the week assignments that can be used to add variety to the traditional essay response. Each lesson is differentiated by difficulty level and assignment type (i.e. short answer, graphic organizer, essay response, peer-selected).


This 40 Page Resource Includes:

  • Year-Long Implementation Plan
  • 4 Differentiated Article of the Week Assignments {short answer, graphic organizer, essay response, peer selected}
  • 3 Types of Assessment Rubrics {Levels 1 – 4, Holistic and Points Based}
  • 7 Different Graphic Organizers
  • Google Slides versions to assist with 1:1 technology schools
  • Individual PDFs of student pages for uploading to Google Classroom or other online learning management systems


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