Art Sketchbook Assignment


Art Sketchbook Assignment: Students work on their art projects at different paces. It is important that students have something meaningful to work on when they are done their art projects, and some of the class is still working.

I assign the sketchbook assignment as a yearlong assignment. I divide the school year up into thirds, and set 3 different due dates.

This sketchbook assignment is a great tool for students to develop their artistic abilities. It is also really good for fast finishers or to leave for a supply teacher if you are going to be away.


-30 Sketch Suggestions

-Teacher and Student Instructions

-Assignment Sheet

-Assessment Rubric

***********Teacher Feedback******************

1. “This is exactly what my classroom has been needing! Far too often my students finish their art, or other assignments, quickly and I end up searching for meaningful tasks for them to complete. This has saved me a ton of time for this year and I’m excited for my students to do more sketching!”

2. “Such a great resource for a teacher who has to teach it all! I always struggle with having ready to go art activities…and this is just perfect.”

3. “Fantastic Resource…students were so excited and always taking out their Sketchbooks when they were done an assignment.”

4. “I will be using this next year with my class and am excited to have something for my early finishers. I like how there is a variety of options for the students to chose from for their assignments and that they get to select which ones they want assessed.”

5. “My students are LOVING this ongoing assignment and the freedom and flexibility that goes along with art. There are so many creative pieces happening and students are relaxed and productive when we have time to work on our “sketchbooks”.”