ELA teachers, are you ready to stop working evenings and weekends?

This full-year middle school ELA lesson bundle will help you stop the daily planning overload.

Do not spend all of your weeknights and weekends planning out your Grade 7 or 8 Language Arts program.

This all-in-one full-year middle school English Language Arts lesson bundle is a ready-to-go ELA program.

The bundle contains 90+ resources for teaching Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, and Media Literacy, as well as seasonal and holiday lessons. Teachers are provided with engaging and cross-curricular lessons to help their students explore and understand Grade 7 & 8 Language Arts.


These reading lessons will help your students share their thoughts about the material they read.


Help your students become better writers with these scaffolded lessons.

Oral Communication

Public speaking is a key skill that all students need to practice. These interesting assignments help students reinforce this skill.

Media Literacy

Students are regularly exposed to a variety of media forms. Therefore, it is important that they learn to think critically about the content they consume.

Seasonal & Holiday

Middle school students need fun too! Use these curriculum-focused lessons to celebrate the seasons and work on your students’ literacy skills.

It can be challenging to plan out each lesson to ensure it is engaging for students and meets the curriculum standards you are required to cover.

This bundle contains over 90 resources to help you streamline your planning and reclaim your personal time. It also comes with a monthly teaching plan that scaffolds your curriculum to help your students achieve success.

This resource is for:

What Teachers Are Saying About 2 Peas and a Dog Resources


Grade 8 Long Range Plans Ontario Curriculum

“Absolutely perfect reference for where to start and where to go through the year! Great resource!”
– Samantha G.


Article of the Week Full Year Mega Bundle

“I really appreciate the time and effort it has taken this seller to put together this resource. My students are not only enjoying this resource but find the topics covered fascinating. Great discussions have come from the articles and has helped me teach and hone in on reading and writing skills. Using this resource has cut my planning time and has allowed me to focus on bridging learning gaps in my classroom. I like using this resource with both whole-group and small guided groups. I like that there are a variety of options in terms of accessing this resource (audio, modified texts, digital) which reaches many of my students’ varying abilities and learning styles. Thank you for creating such a great resource!”
– Subi S.


Media Literacy Bundle 10 Consumer Awareness Lessons

“This is such a great, year-long activity to come back to and support the media needs of students. Whenever I need something to fill just a half an hour or a small individual class period, this resource is the bomb! I was also shocked about how much was in this package! Love! it!”
– Karlee S.

This resource was carefully created for teachers just like you.

I have taught Grade 7 & 8 students for over 15 years and I know how challenging it can be to balance daily lesson planning, assessment and trying to have a life outside of school.

I specifically created these lessons to help teachers regain their time while providing engaging and rigorous literacy lessons for their students.

Bundle Includes

Note: The Grade 7 & 8 bundles have almost the same products, but each bundle has four different resources than the other, which are more aligned with the skill set of that age group.

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Free Sample

Rant writing is an engaging way to bring public speaking and persuasive writing into the classroom. Students rant and complain to each other daily, so why not channel that creative energy into some high-quality writing? This free unit is a fantastic way to get students to share their thoughts and work on their writing skills.

Free Sample

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This FREE persuasive writing unit is

By using highly-engaging rants, your students won’t even realize you’ve channeled their daily rants and complaints into high-quality, writing!

FREE persuasive writing unit is